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Working on adding a new column to season leaders pages. Column "CL" represents the player's year in school and is numerical with 0 being a true freshman, 1 being a RS freshman, 2-4 are soph.-sr. respectively.

The National Leaders are updated each week on Sundays, but the team and conference leaders are only updated yearly.

Players are in the conference they played in while in school.

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This site has the most comprehensive list of all-time yardage records. The national career and season leaders are based off the NCAA rules for official statistics and during the summer of 2010, I made them officially accurate. The conference stats, however are not, official for that conference, as some conferences have different rules than the NCAA. Every stat on this site is based on the NCAA official rules, not the team or conference rules.  Other sources used to compile statistics were the College Football Encyclopedia, Phil Steele's College Football Preview, and ESPN.com. I used to think the NCAA Record Book was a good source to use, but I have recently realized it is missing some players and that the defensive records aren't even close to accurate even since 2000 when they became official. Also, in the blog section, I will make my predictions for every game involving two ranked teams, an upset pick, and the Purdue game. The Forums page can be used for any topic.  Be sure to check the miscellaneous page for unique stats that can't be found anywhere else, such as home field/court (that's right some college basketball), attendances by state and other cool things.    

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